ACPEE Panel Session 1


Digital Grid with High DER Penetration:Modeling, Simulation, Operation, and Control

Time: 11:00-12:00, June 5, 2020

Venue: Chengdu, China

Report 1: Modeling and implementation of complex nonlinear model in ADPSS

Reporter :Weijie Zheng

Affiliation: China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China

Report 2: Real-Time Simulation of Power Electronics and Power System

Reporter: Jin Xu

Affiliation: Shanghai Jiao Tong University,China

Report 3: Distributed and robust energy management of networked hybrid ACDC microgrids

Reporter: Qianwen Xu

Affiliation: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Aims and Scope

Driven by the decreasing cost in distributed solar, energy storage, electric vehicle, on- site generation, as well as microgrids, the high penetration of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) is shifting challenges substantially towards the edge of grid from the control point of view. The envisioned Digital Grid must facilitate the open competition and open innovation needed to accelerate of the adoption of new DER technologies while satisfying challenges in grid stability, data explosion and cyber security.
There are many challenges to transform the power grid into a Digital Grid. The aim of this panel is to provide a timely opportunity for researchers, practicing engineers, and other stakeholders to share their latest discoveries in the area of Digital Grid with high DER Penetration. The particular topics of interest include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Modeling and simulation of DER System: solar, energy storage, electric vehicle, on-site generation, and microgrids
  • EMT level modeling and simulation of inverter-based generation
  • Hardware-in-Loop and Real-time simulation methods and applications
  • Optimized operation of digital grid with High DER Penetration
  • Grid Stability and Coordinated Control under High DER Penetration
  • Grid Resiliency and Flexibility under High DER Penetration
  • Experimental demonstration and practical application of Digital Grid
  • Technology enabling efficient monitoring and operation of Digital Grid

Submission Format and Guideline

This Panel Session solicits original work on the modeling, simulation, operation, and control of digital grid with high DER penetration. All submitted papers must be clearly written in excellent English and contain only original work, which has not been published by or is currently under review for any other journals or conferences.

This Panel Session is Co-sponsored by “CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems” which is index by SCI-E. Excellent papers in this session would be recommended to CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems for publication.

Authors can submit manuscripts through electronic submission system. After you submit paper, please contact conference specialist to explain that you want to join this panel session.

Electronical Submission System :

Special Session Chairs

Keyou Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Yong Fu, Mississippi State University, USA

Yadong LiuShanghai Jiaotong University, China